A Broken Nose for Christmas

A Salina man sustained a broken nose in a Christmas Eve incident.

According to Salina Police, Jayreece Jones of Salina, was walking in the 500 block of W. South St. on Dec. 24, around 3:50 AM.

Two white males walking on the other side of the street noticed Jones. The men started yelling racial slurs, Jones yelled back at them. The two men then crossed the street and proceeded to strike Jones multiple times. Eventually, Jones fell to the ground where he was then kicked. More words were exchanged and the two white males left.

Jones had multiple minor injuries and went to the Salina Regional Hospital. Staff discovered his nose had been broken and required surgery. Jones has been treated and is now recovering.

The Salina Police Department is still looking for the two white males.

If you have any information please call the Salina Police Department or Crime Stoppers.