11 Reasons Victims Of Sexual Assault Don’t Report The Crime

Simply defined, sexual assault is any type of sexual activity that you do not agree to. The consent of the victim is key to defining this crime. If the victim does not consent, sexual assault, also called sexual violence or abuse, has occurred.

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Sexual assault can fall into these general categories:

Attempted rape
Child molestation
Sexual harassment
Sexual Coercion

Most sex crimes are never reported. According to a 2013 federal review of crime data over 10 years, only 32 percent of rapes and sexual assaults are reported to police.

It is very common for victims to delay in reporting a sexual assault. While those delays can be many, many years later, those delays may have nothing to do with the truth or falsity of the allegation.

There are 11 reasons victims of sexual assault don’t report the crime:

1.  They want to put the incident behind them.
2.  They want to forget this happened.
3.  They aren’t sure that what happened is a criminal assault.
4.  They are in shock.
5.  They feel shame.
6.  They fear not being believed.
7.  They fear being blamed.
8.  They fear the offender will retaliate.
9.  They fear being drug through the mud by the courts.
10. They fear that they will not receive justice.
11. They fear that their offender will not be held accountable.

The risks of reporting a sexual assault are more pronounced when the assailant is a wealthy, powerful, publicly known, or famous person. For this reason, when one woman reports that a powerful man has sexually assaulted her, more reports follow. There is safety and believability in numbers.

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