80 Pound Catfish Caught at Marion

A man has caught an unusually large flathead catfish in a lake northeast of Wichita and locals think it’s the largest fish of any kind reeled in during the lake’s 50-year history.

Charlie Henning caught an 80-pound catfish at Marion Reservoir last week that was more than 50 inches long.

All of Henning’s gear used to catch the fish, dubbed Moby Catfish, cost less than some fishing lures. Henning says his equipment may be cheap but it is reliable.

Marion resident Warren Kreutziger says the biggest confirmed flathead he knew of was 65 pounds prior to Henning’s catfish.

Kansas’ record of the heaviest flathead is 123 pounds, caught at Elk City Reservoir in 1998.

Associated Press information from: The Wichita Eagle