7 Steps To Make Your Dreams A Reality

Dreaming about what we want in life is the fun part. It’s where we languish in the thoughts that fuel our fantasies for that life we’ve always wanted to live…but just haven’t gotten around to accomplishing yet.

Do you dream of being financially independent where you can spend your days on whatever strikes your fancy? Or, do you dream of having that great relationship or job that just hasn’t seemed to come your way? How about, do you dream about doing something big in life that will leave an imprint on humanity or the world once you’re gone? No matter how big or small your dream is, it’s your divine right to choose how to live your life.

Make your dreams a reality by following these 7 steps:

1.  Dream Big
The dreams that you have held dear for many years are most likely the ones that you will be able to sustain and achieve, so, take that dream and make it bigger than life! Get a little crazy with your dream and make it look, in your mind, like a blockbuster movie that you have created. Put in the sights and smells, set the stage and don your costume, all the while visualizing yourself in the starring role. Give your Life Dream a name and plaster it on the biggest, most obnoxious movie marquee you can visualize. Know in your being that what you are seeing is a new beginning in your life!

2.  Gauge your Commitment
Making your dreams a reality will require commitment, consistency, discipline and drive. Either ponder these in your mind or write them on a piece of paper then come up with a plan for how you are going to keep these necessary components of success active and alive as you move forward with your plan to make your dream a reality.

3.  Talk Back to Your Barriers
Many people don’t achieve their dreams because barriers such as fear of failure or success or change get in the way. Other common barriers are self-doubt, feeling like they won’t know what steps to take or like they’ll look or sound “stupid” or “incompetent” taking those first few steps toward their dream. Other barriers can be mental or physical health problems, addictions, relationship challenges or financial woes. Whatever your barriers are, talk back to them or make a plan to resolve them, so that your mind and energy can be freed up to move forward with creating a new life for yourself.

4.  Gather Success Tools
If your dream requires that you learn a new skill set or seek knowledge or get specialized training, do just that. If you need money to launch your new project get creative with how you’re going to raise capital. While money can seem to be the biggest barrier toward achieving dreams, many very successful people grew their companies from the ground up by simply working hard and growing slowly. Often, those are the companies that are still in operation today because they built-in to their company ways do more with less money.

5.  Set a Plan of Action
Dreams don’t just happen. For them to become a reality you need to get up off the couch and do something! To reap the rewards of actualizing your dreams, you need to have a plan of action, set a time frame for accomplishing your goals and be mindful of consistently moving forward, keeping the end goal in sight. Easier said than done…but a necessary component, especially when challenges arise. Expect to have challenges and setbacks and they will be easier to deal with when they rear their ugly head.

6.  Build in Accountability
Letting someone know of your dreams and goals helps keep you on track and on task. Make them your accountability partner and ask them to specifically help encourage you when you start to lose focus and determination. Often, when the going gets tough, it takes grit and discipline to keep moving toward your goal. Don’t be a quitter or give up. Some day you’ll look back on what you’ve achieved and wonder how you ever accomplished all you did! Yeah!

7.  The Most Critical Component for Success
If you make achieving your dream your Life’s Legacy, it will fuel your passion to create a new reality. The Life Coaching callers that I talk with get the most passionate and excited when they feel that to achieve their dream would be to achieve a greater purpose in their lives. They often equate their dream to their life mission that will leave the world, and humanity, in a better place.

What Life Legacy will you leave the world and mankind as you seek to make your dreams a reality?

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