9 Steps To Help You Face Your Fears

1. Recognize that we all have fears. You’re not alone. We all have fears. It is normal to feel nervous when starting a new job, or new relationship, or when it’s time to make a big decision. Just recognizing that you’re not alone in your fears, will help you take the next step. 2. Look outside of yourself. Study the lives of the people you admire for being fearless. Recognize how they overcame their fears. If they’re people in your daily life, talk to them; ask them how they have overcome their fear of failure. Let them mentor and advise you. Read about famous, successful people who seem to make success look so easy. Research how they had to overcome fears and obstacles. How did they face their fear-invoking challenges? Learn from their life stories. Listen to “The Joan Jerkovich Show” this weekend for “Steps To Face Your Fear” and for how to face your “Fear Of Falling In Love” and your “Fear Of Failure In A New Job”. 3. Seek to understand the origins of your fear. Relax and go deeper into your fear to better understand it. Try and figure out when and where the seeds of your fear were first planted. Did something happen in your childhood? Do you have a history of being bullied or ridiculed? Was your heart broken in a terrible breakup? Understanding the origins of your fear, and how your overcame it, will help you face the next challenge in your life. 4. Prepare your mindset. Once you learn how to manage your thoughts; you will be able to manage your fears. Think about your past successes and visualize them, in all their glory, in your mind. Think courageous thoughts. Expect a positive outcome. Dismiss your inner critic who likes to pass harsh judgment on you. Re-write the story in your head, to one where victory wins over fear. 5. Control the energy of fear. When fear takes a grip on you, a cycle of nervousness and anxiety can overtake you. Control that cycle of negative energy through conscious relaxation, deep breathing and positive thinking. Negative energy can be turned toward the positive when you see the “nerves” as “excitement”. Fool yourself into thinking things are simply “exciting” and your fear will turn into a positive, excited anticipation of something new and fun! 6. Focus on learning and adventure. When preparing to tackle something new, instead of feeling pensive, think of all you will learn. Look to the new and exciting life experiences you will get to partake in. Often you’ll broaden your horizons in ways that enrich your life, such as making new friends, or opening new doors to things that will move you in a positive direction. 7. Lighten things up. Learn to laugh at yourself. The best person to laugh at your mistakes…is YOU! Embrace your imperfections because none of us are perfect…nor would we want to be. It is through our mistake that we achieve our greatest life lessons. Smile your way through the difficult times, and you’ll lighten your load and have fun along the way. 8. Find a cheerleader. Let your friends and mentors help you navigate a fear-producing challenge. Allow them to cheer you on and remind you of how great, and how capable, and how courageous you are. They believe in you. Isn’t it time you believe in yourself? 9. Expect to conquer your fears. Expect to succeed. Celebrate each and every one of your small victories, as those small accomplishments grow bigger and fill you with confidence. Build fearlessness from the ground up so that you can stand on a solid platform of bravado. Take on the small battles, because each small victory brings you closer to winning the big battle, wherein you conquer your fears forever.

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