$65 Million Will Kick Start Cleanup

City of Salina officials continue to check a special bank account for a one-time wire transfer from the federal government to help pay for the cleanup of underground pollution at the former Schilling Air Force Base.

City of Salina Utilities Director Martha Tasker tells KSAL News that when the $65.9 million dollar payment hits the bank – final decisions on the action plan can take place.


The long process of litigation will soon give way to special crews working above ground to eliminate up to 11 underground toxic plumes. Salina Public Entities expects the one time, lump sum payment from the government to be transferred soon.

The project will continue to have its own KDHE website for the benefit of interested citizens and area residents. The CERCLA process and KDHE oversight includes regular public meetings and opportunities for public comment.

The decades old issue has been contamination, things like solvents that have seeped into the ground, left behind when the Air Force vacated the base in 1965.