5A Girls Golf Regional Results

Tuesday afternoon, the High School golf season came to a close for several area athletes, as Regional Tournaments took place at various locations across the state. In Class 5A, Salina South and Salina Central competed at Lake Shawnee Golf Course in a Regional hosted by Topeka Seaman.

Seaman took home the team title with a score of 364, while Andover’s Regan Dusenbery won the individual title with a -1 under par round of 69.

Salina South finished in 5th as a team, carding a 438. The Cougars saw just one athlete qualify for the 5A State Tournament next week, as Madison Durr finished 6th overall with a round of 92.

Salina Central was lead by Cindric White, who carded a round of 97 on the day.


3Shawnee Heights422



1Regan Dusenbery-2026Andover69
2Naomi Koontz-2027Newton78
3Elise Eckert-2026Emporia82
4Avery Samuelson-2024Topeka-Seaman86
5Makenna Stuke-2026Topeka-Seaman89
6Madison Durr-2025Salina-South92
7Ella Fessler-2024Emporia93
8Jaycee Zimmerman-2025Topeka-Seaman94
9Kaitlynn Frye-2027Topeka-Seaman95
10Cindric White-2024Salina-Central97
T10Karlyn Bowman-2024Shawnee Heights97
12Isabel Hawley -2027Andover99
13Grier Hand -2027Andover100
T13Ellie Garrett-2026Andover100
15Nicole Dalton-2024Emporia101
16Riley Adams-2024Topeka-Seaman104
T16Anna McLaughlin-2025Topeka-Seaman104
18Ashley Kramer-2026Andover-Cen105
T18Hannah Tri-2025Andover-Cen105
20Lyla Blair-2025Shawnee Heights106
T20Jaccyn Bugg-2024Shawnee Heights106
T20Alex Baxter-2025Topeka-West106
23Samantha Rhinehart-2024Andover-Cen107
24Emily Meyer -2027Andover110
T24Isabel Fulkerson-2024Salina-South110
26Maren Nelson-2026Andover113
T26Gracie Langston-2024Shawnee Heights113
28Allie Bray-2025Salina-South117
29Bailey Rhodes-2025Newton119
T29Rian Dye-2024Salina-South119
31Berlyn Kolean-2026Topeka-West120
T31Lauryn Valdivia-2027Shawnee Heights120
33Ava Sizemore-2025Andover-Cen126
T33Karlyn Wilson-2025Andover-Cen126
35Makenna Bryant-2026Shawnee Heights128
36Adalynn Lehrman-2026Newton129
37Elizabeth Faught-2023Leavenworth131
38Alyssa Smith-2023Leavenworth132
39Jessica Leyva-2024Salina-South133
40Bryer Geoffroy-2025Andover-Cen135
41Jasmine Kassem-2025Salina-Central138
42Alexis Hoffman-2023Leavenworth142
43America Negrete-2026Newton147
44Kelsey Shull-2027Emporia153
45Zoey Hoskinson-2026Newton162
46Emily Jaramillo-2024Salina-South170