50th Anniversary of Salina Tornado

Monday is the 50th anniversary of one of the most infamous tornado outbreaks in the history of Kansas.

According to the National Weather Service, on September 25th, 1973, multiple families of tornadoes, among them one violent F4 and three strong F3s, roared from around Lindsborg, through Salina, to 7 miles northeast of Beatrice, Neb.

The combined length of all the tornado tracks was around 150 miles.

An F3 tornado caused extensive damage in South Salina, totally destroying the Sundowner East trailer court which was  located on East Magnolia Road, east of Ohio Street. The twister was  300 yards wide and was on the ground for 35 miles. Six people were injured, and there was approximately $1 million in damage.

Overall during the outbreak,  tornadoes caused around $6 million damage, killed one person, and injured 46. Towns that were hit particularly hard were Salina, Bennington, New Cambria, Linn, and Niles.