$470,000 Parking Lot Project Complete

On Monday, October 31st , the parking lot west of 5 th Street between Iron Avenue and Ash Street in downtown Salina will open again.

According to the City of Salina, during a period of just seven weeks, including a number of rain days, Vogts Parga and their subcontractors:

  • Removed and replaced 3,336 square yards of old pavement, equal to half a football field
  • Installed 853 feet of curb and gutter, equal to about two city blocks
  • Installed two 30 foot tall parking lot lights
  • Relocated four street lights
  • Installed 44 trees and shrubs
  • Installed more than 2,100 feet of parking lot lines

In addition to updating the old parking lot infrastructure, the project created fourteen additional parking spots that will be well utilized by Downtown and Salina Fieldhouse patrons for years to come.

The $470,000 project was funded by New Market Tax Credits.