3 Inducted Into Business HOF

The Salina Area Chamber of Commerce inducted three new members into the the Salina Business Hall of Fame, and recognized the first ever Spirit of Salina award on Thursday

Celebrating its 17th year, the Salina Area Chamber of Commerce’s Business Hall of Fame inducted its 2022 class. They are:

  • Mabel Shelton (Historic Category 1926-1975)
  • Mel Jarvis (Historic Category 1926-1975)
  • Larry Triplett (Contemporary Category 1976-present)

A new award  was also presented to recognize an emerging entrepreneur in the community. The award is called the Spirit of Salina award and the awardee selected represents the “best of the best”  in terms of overcoming obstacles, believing in their dreams, taking risks, and persisting as a small business owner. They embody a spirit – the entrepreneurial spirit of Salina – and those that have come before.

The first ever Spirit of Salina award went to Tyler Gallagher. Here is his story:

“Tyler Gallagher was born in Hutchinson, Kansas in 1985 and raised with his three sisters by his parents Marc and Michelle Gallagher. In 1998, his family moved to Salina, where he attended school and graduated from Salina Central in 2004. Originally an aspiring art student, he later left for art school. But eventually he could not see his future in the fine arts, and eventually moved back home for a short time. It was at that time he got a cooking job at the Salina Country Club; that he was able to realize that his passion was working in restaurants.

 From there he trained in the professional kitchens of Kansas City and worked in some of the finest chefs in the Midwest. He admired their ability to grow a bigger, better, and more sustainable food scene. Their mentorship was invaluable and Tyler took full advantage of every opportunity to learn the profession.

 Seraphim Bread was born in January of 2018. This small bakery and sandwich shop was a vision to elevate the food culture in central Kansas.  Simple in concept, but mighty in heart and desire, Seraphim Bread combines old world concepts with modern techniques and flavors.  Fresh bread baked every morning, and seasonally crafted varieties of lunch options.

 For five year Tyler has been able to steadily grow his business; providing bread for multiple local restaurants and gaining an iconic following.  His goal is to continually grow the consciousness of food culture in Salina through mentorship, leadership, and craftsmanship.”

The Salina Business Hall of Fame was established by the Salina Area Chamber of Commerce in 2005. Its purpose is to recognize and honor Salina business leaders, both past and present, who have made extraordinary contributions to Salina, earned the respect of the local community, and called attention to the Free Enterprise system and its value to our country and citizens in shaping Salina’s way of life.

Each inductee will be recognized with a commemorative plaque. In addition, plaques honoring each inductee will be displayed at the Chamber office, 120 W. Ash. A biography of each inductee will be printed and distributed at the luncheon.

Past inductees include:

  • (Pioneer) Henry David Lee, Alexander Campbell, Oscar Seitz, Winfield Watson, Benjamin Aaron Litowich, William R.
    Geis, William A. Phillips, Thomas Watson Roach, Charles R. Underwood, Frank Hageman, Herman H. Sudendorf,
    Arthur M. Claflin, and August (AJ) Holmquist
  • (Historic) Earl Bane, Ward A. Marshall, William Henry Graves, John J. Vanier, M.J. Kennedy, Milton Morrison, Charles
    W. Shaver, C. William “Bill” Exline, Murray Wilson, Ralph E. Reitz, S. Dean Evans, Sr., Whitley Austin, Ben Sellers,
    George L. Frisbie, Verla Nesbitt Joscelyn, Baalis Kyger Smoot, Robert J. Laubengayer, Dan Bolen, Milton Stiefel, and
    Frank Norton
  • (Contemporary) Marshall Stanton, Eugene and Margaret Logan, Alfred P.G. Schwan, Charlie Walker, Roy Applequist,
    Lee Young, Paul E. Junk, Jack Vanier, James R. Allen, Richard E. Brown, Karl Stutterheim, Mike Berkley, Charles E.
    Stevens, Jr., Thomas Pestinger, Sidney A. Reitz, Timothy M. Rogers, Mel and Marge Bergkamp, and Steve Ryan