2022 Census of Agriculture Published

The 2022 Census of Agriculture has been published.  It is available online at nass.usda.gov/AgCensus and in Quick Stats.

Once every five years the Census of Agriculture provides the most comprehensive and impartial agriculture data for U.S. territories, and for every state and county in the nation..

According to Kansas Farm Bureau, here are the takeaways for Kansas:

  • The 2022 Census of Agriculture shows the number of farms in Kansas during 2022 was 55,734, down 5 percent from the 2017 Census of Agriculture.
  • Land in farms, at 44.8 million acres, was down 2 percent from that reported five years prior.
  • Land in farms accounted for 85.6 percent of the total land area in the state, compared to 38.9 percent for the U.S.
    • The average size of farm in Kansas was 804 acres, up 3 percent or 22 acres from 2017.
  • The total value of agricultural products sold in 2022 was 24 billion dollars, up 28 percent from 2017.
    • Of the total value of production, 65 percent originated from livestock and 35 percent from crops.
    • The average net income per farm was $73,058. This was up 48 percent from 2017.
  • During 2022, the average age of producers was 58.2 years compared to 58.1 years in 2017.
    • The number of young producers, defined as age 34 or less, was 9,700, or 10 percent of all producers.
    • The number of female producers was 34,579, or 34 percent of all producers.
  • Seventy-nine percent of Kansas farms had internet access in 2022 compared to 76 percent in 2017.