2021 Allie Saum Scholarship Awarded

A scholarship to honor, and remember, a 17-year-old Salina South High School student has been awarded.

Allie Chesney  is this year’s recipient of the Allie Saum Scholarship.
Chesney was the youngest of eight children, after being adopted from foster care at the age of three. Both of her parents had health issues and at age 10 her mother passed. She took care of her father as her sister went on to graduate. Her father passed away in her sophomore year. She then had to move to Salina from her small hometown and start over.
Chesney plans to pursue a degree in early elementary education at Fort Hays State University.
Salinan Christina Humphre rallied support,  raised money, and founded the scholarship in honor of Allie Saum. Allie Saum was shot and killed in 2015 in what turned out to be a case of mistaken identity.
 The Allie Saum Scholarship is given to a Salina Senior that has shown exemplary actions in participating in church and school activities, and is dedicated to helping others.
Humphrey said “Congratulations Allie Chesney! You are exactly the type of individual I had in mind when I created this scholarship to honor our own Allie Saum taken much to early from senseless gun violence. Let us remember this is what and why we strive to award this scholarship so Allie Saum is never forgotten and perhaps a little piece of her goodness will show through as our recipients live their lives and follow their dreams.”