20 Percent of Saline County Adults Vaccinated

About 1/5 of the adults who live and work in Saline County have been vaccinated.

According to the Saline County Health Department, just over 20 percent of the adult population who live and work in Saline County have received either one or both of their COVID-19 vaccinations. At least 70 percent will need to be fully vaccinated before the health officer recommends the mask requirement is lifted.

Masking is the most effective tool in preventing COVID-19 and other viruses, while being the least restrictive to personal freedom. Public health advises that mandates like a masking requirement should remain in place until at least 70 percent of the adult population are vaccinated to achieve some level of “herd immunity” and to allow individuals the opportunity to be self-determined in their own safety.

The current public health order limiting mass gatherings and restricting business hours will remain in place until March 21. If numbers continue to trend downward, the public health officer intends to allow the order to expire. The mask requirement will remain in place until rescinded by the City and County Commissions.

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The state of Kansas remains in Phase 2. The decision to move forward to Phase 3 will be decided at the state level.

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The best vaccine for you is the first one offered to you. Dillon’s pharmacy is actively taking vaccination registrations and other pharmacies are anticipating being able to offer the same in the near future.

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You are encouraged to sign up on as many lists as possible to get the vaccine as soon as possible.

If you receive a vaccine elsewhere please contact us to have your name removed from the registry. You will need to get both your first and second vaccine from the same organization.

The CDC has released new guidance regarding masking and social distancing after being fully vaccinated; however, Saline County and the City of Salina still has a mask requirement and public health order in place.

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