20 Angels Still Need Returned

With a Friday deadline looming, about 20 angels from the Salina Salvation Army’s Angel Tree still have not been returned with gifts.

All 373 of the angels have been adopted. Now, volunteers are awaiting their return. Once gifts are purchased they need to be returned, with the angel.

Each angel represents an area child 12-years-old or younger who without a little help, might not otherwise have much of a Christmas. The angel has on it information including shoe and clothing sizes to help in purchasing individual gifts for each child.

According to the agency, now it is time to wait for the gifts to return so they can be distributed to the proper families.

Unwrapped gifts, with the Angels, need to be returned to drop off  at bins at Walmart and Sam’s Club, where the Angel Trees were located. They can also be dropped off at the Salvation Army, 1137 N. Santa Fe.

The Salvation Army says it is grateful for all those helping them help others.