2 Proposals Would Mean Changed Funding for School Districts

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) – A school funding proposal in the Kansas Senate would reduce funding for most of the state’s school districts, while a bill introduced in the Kansas House would increase funding for a majority of districts.

Senator Ty Masterson, the Senate’s budget chairman, said this week his proposal would shift money already allocated for K-12 districts to poorer districts. The Legislative Research Department says it would cause a funding decline for 189 school districts, with increases for 37 districts.

Meanwhile, a bill introduced in the House Friday by Representative Ron Ryckman, an Olathe (oh-LAY’-thuh) Republican, would give districts $39 million more in funding for the next school year. The Wichita Eagle reports that would increase funding for 162 districts and reduce funding for 79 districts. Another 45 districts would have flat funding.