2 More Businesses Report on Fraudulent Checks

More Salina businesses have reported fraudulent checks that appear to be from the same scheme.

Police Capt. Paul Forrester tells KSAL News that one of the businesses, B&K Prescription Shop, 601 E. Iron, told authorities that two checks made out to individuals turned up to be fraudulent. Both checks went through Bennington State Bank and were for a total of $5,600.

The second business is Farmers Insurance-Joyce Volk Agency, 1716 Highland Ave. Victims report that some people were allegedly paid to advertise a business on their vehicle. The victims were told once they received a check to keep a certain amount for themselves and then wire the rest to a bank account.

Currently, Volk has an unknown amount of checks affected totaling in at least $35,000 go through the Bank of Tescott. The total amount could be as high as $93,000.

Authorities have confirmed the common denominator in the massive check scheme is Rocking M Media. Police are encouraging businesses working with Rocking M Media to keep an eye on their bank accounts and report anything suspicious.

Rocking M Media-Salina General Manager Robert Protzman has released the following statement:

“Once we discovered that some of the issue may have been with our email system, our IT Department thoroughly scanned our email system. Any potential holes found, we were able to plug them up. We’ve enhanced our security measures to our network,” Protzman said. “Another thing we did is also changing up our bank depositing procedure to make it impossible for anyone other than a Rocking M Media employee or our local bank to have access to any of our client information.”