2 Horses Struck On K-4 just North of Gypsum

A 60 year old man is not injured after striking and killing two horses outside of Gypsum Wednesday morning.

Sheriff Rodger Soldan of the Saline County Sheriff’s office tells KSAL that two horses were struck in the roadway on K-4 highway around 5:50 on Wednesday morning. Edward Conway a 60-year-old man from gypsum was heading west from town when his 2020 Kia Sportage hit the two animals.

The horses were among several horses from Gypsum Stables, owned by James Branscum that had gotten out.

A miniature horse was found on the road and a full-sized horse was found in the ditch, both deceased.

The Kia Sportage sustained substantial front end damage but the driver was not injured.