16-Year-Old Saline County Resident Injured in Rollover Accident.

November 9th at approximately 10:15 AM an Ell-Saline Student was involved in a roll over accident on her way to school.

Saline County Sheriff’s Deputy Jesse Mcowen tells KSAL News that at 10:15 AM a 16-year-old student was on her way to school. As she was driving south on Brown Hill Rd. a quarter mile north of K-140 Highway she swerved to avoid an animal in the road. She lost control and left the roadway, rolling in the ditch. She was able to call her father and brother for help. The student’s brother was able to recover the vehicle and tow it home. The student’s father drove her to the Salina Regional Health Center after she complained of neck pain from the seatbelt, she also received stitches in her hand.

A school resource officer at Ell-Saline high school called dispatch after hearing of a single vehicle accident a student was involved in earlier that morning and had not been reported to authorities. Deputy Mcowen drove to the student’s residence in the 1200 block of South Lightville Rd. around 3:00 PM to make sure the student was alright. Upon further investigation, later noted that wearing a seatbelt had possibly saved the life of the student.

The student was driving a 2006 Chevy Colorado pickup truck which was totaled.

The student was cited for operating a motor vehicle without a valid driver’s license, and for failing to report a motor vehicle injury accident.

Photo provided courtesy of the Saline County Sheriff’s Office