12-Year-Old Driver Hits Store Worker

Authorities say a 12-year-old driver has struck a convenience store worker with a pickup truck, knocking the 71-year-old employee through a plate glass window.

The employee was sent to a Wichita hospital with a possible leg fracture after being hit Tuesday while picking up trash outside the store in the small town of Walton.

The young driver reported hitting the gas instead of the brakes. She was taken to a different hospital to be assessed for possible injuries.

Sheriff’s office spokeswoman Melissa Flavin said in an email that authorities aren’t sure whether she’ll face charges.

A licensed 16-year-old and unlicensed 17-year-old also were in the truck with the 12-year-old when the collision happened. The 16-year-old was ticketed for contributing to a child’s misconduct.

Associated Press information from: The Hutchinson News