“$100 Day” Debuts Saturday

What can you do in a day with $100? The Salina Area Chamber of Commerce is providing the $100, and KSAL’s Nicolas Fierro is going to find out.

Fierro will be on Newsradio 1150 KSAL from 10:30 – 11:00 on Saturday mornings, chronicling his latest adventure on his new show ” The $100 Day with the Salina Area Chamber of Commerce”.

Fierro will spend time in Salina, and in other communities around the area, seeing what he can do with $100 in one day.

Fierro says “I am looking forward to meeting new people, checking out new places, and seeing what Central Kansas has to showcase.”

In preparing his first show, which airs June 1st, Fierro shares “I am learning that small towns and small businesses all have something to offer uniquely. It’s just a matter of us discovering and supporting what they provide for the community.” He goes on to say  “I encourage people to take their family and friends to experience what different places Central Kansas has to offer. They will not be disappointed!”

“The $100 Day with the Salina Area Chamber of Commerce” debuts this Saturday morning, and then will be a permanent part of programming every Saturday morning at 10:30 on Newsradio 1150 KSAL.