$1.7 Trillion Budget Bill Passes Senate

The two senators from Kansas, both Republicans, have drastically different views on budget legislation which passed their chamber on Thursday.

The legislation approves a $1.7 trillion budget for the 2023 fiscal year.

Kansas Senator Jerry Moran lauded the legislation, citing $13 million in new funding for Kansas law enforcement and a $15 million federal investment for the construction of new barracks at Fort Riley.

Meanwhile Senator Roger Marshall called it a “wasteful, inflationary spending package”, citing what he considered to be  wasteful spending including among other thing $47 billion to help fund the war in Ukraine and $3.2 billion to “continue processing and releasing illegal migrants at a faster pace and larger scale”.

In a 68-29 vote, the Senate passed the bill which funds the government through September of 2023.  Senate passage sends the bill to the House, where it was expected to hold a vote as early as Thursday evening to allow lawmakers to depart for the Christmas holiday.