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Salinan Worries about Daughter’s Afghanistan Grave

KSAL Staff - July 22, 2013 1:54 pm

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An 89-year-old Salina woman finally has some peace of mind, knowing that her daughter’s grave in Afghanistan has not been disturbed by the war in that country.


Ruby McBee had to leave her daughter’s grave behind when she and her husband left that country in 1955. Their 10-year-old daughter, Marilyn, died in 1954 from polio and the couple could not leave the country with her body. She was buried in a cemetery at Menzel Bagh.


Recently, McBee decided to see if someone could confirm the grave was still there.


The Salina Journal reports that U.S. Ambassador Jonathan Addleton found an Afghan colleague who visited the cemetery and took pictures. The cemetery is closed and overgrown but the grave is still there. McBee says that’s enough for her.