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Kansas Governor Signs School aid Bill Meant to Satisfy Court

Associated Press - April 7, 2016 12:23 pm

A top Democratic lawmaker says he is joining the crowded race to replace Republican Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback. House Minority Leader Jim Ward of Wichita announced his candidacy Saturday. He had named former Democratic Party chairman Lee Kinch as his campaign treasurer earlier this week.

Republican Gov. Sam Brownback has signed an education funding bill designed to prevent the state Supreme Court from shutting down the state’s public schools.

Brownback announced Thursday that he had signed the measure. He took the action Wednesday.

The bill is a response to a Supreme Court ruling in February that the state isn’t providing enough aid to its poor districts. The justices threatened to shut down schools if lawmakers didn’t act by June 30.

The bill redistributes $83 million of the state’s $4 billion-plus in annual aid.

Critics contend that the bill doesn’t solve the problems identified by the court. But Brownback said in a statement that the bill arose from what he called a “delicate legislative compromise.”

He called on the court to review it with “appropriate deference.”