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Birth Control Decision Not Reversed

Todd Pittenger - June 3, 2014 3:52 pm

Saline County Health Department Director Bronson Farmer talks to county commissioners at a recent meeting.

Saline County Commissioners chose not to reverse a decision to not accept a state grant to fund long activating versatile contraceptive birth control. As a large crowd of citizens and media looked on, commissioners Tuesday afternoon indicated they were not prepared to reverse the decision made two weeks ago.

Commission Chairman Randy Duncan said they do have until June 30th to still accept the grant. He indicated that he would like to further discuss the issue with county health professionals before reconsidering the original decision.

Two weeks ago, with a unanimous 3 – 0 vote, commissioners denied a request from the Saline County Health Department to accept a $6,064 state grant to fund the internal contraceptives. Commissioner John Price was vehemently against the request, saying “I think it’s murder and I’m not standing for it”.

Last week over a dozen people spoke on the topic, including two doctors, urging the commission to reconsider and instead accept the grant money.

Commissioners took up the issue during a study session Tuesday afternoon. Health department director Bronson Farmer spoke, explained the role of the health department. He asked commissioners to reconsider and accept the funding.

Farmer said debate of the issue has lost its focus. It shouldn’t be an abortion issue, but rather a health issue he said, adding “our job is to provide public health services and let citizens make their own decisions”.

Warren Fair

June 3, 2014 at 5:45 pm

Randy Duncan and Jim Gile I know you both very well. What is you reasoning behind your no votes. John Price I do not know you but I don’t think I care to. Randy ask your wife who is an RN to help you on this subject. Jim go talk to the OBGYN doctors to explain this to you. This might cut down the number of unwanted babies in saline county.

Regina Steinle Hendrickson

June 5, 2014 at 1:56 pm

Well, John. Price are the women who already have an IUD implanted committing “murder “??? Will the doctors who implanted the IUD going to be charged with “murder “. Maybe the county commissioners would like to support the babies that will be born from the women who will become pregnant because YOU have decided they are “murderers “. Personally I think it is to bad that the mother’s of these three commissioner’s mother didn’t “opt ” to have an IUD implanted we wouldn’t even be having this discussion!!!! Please reconsider this topic VERY CAREFULLY and reinstate this grant, we would actually be protecting babies from growing up in poverty, victims of child abuse, growing up around the wrong types of people and end up in the prison rat race …..all of which will happen to a large majority of these babies. The IUD is a form of birth control just like the “pill “….Get off your high horse and get with the program!!!! November is just around the corner

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