Witnesses to Deadly Crash Sought

The Kansas Highway Patrol is seeking assistance from the public to identify individuals who witnessed crashes that occurred when dust was blowing and causing visibility issues.

According to the agency, at approximately 03:07p.m, on June 17th collisions occurred on U.S. Highway 56 near milepost 102, in Gray County. There was low visibility due to blowing dust.

Multiple separate collisions occurred during this event, one involving fatalities, with subsequent crashes involving vehicle damage and minor injuries.

If anyone has information regarding witnesses or other vehicle(s) involved in these collisions, please contact Technical Trooper Ashley Hirsh, Troop E, at 620-276-3201.

The Kansas Highway Patrol is grateful to the public for their assistance to help with our cases. There have been numerous witnesses and vehicles which have been successfully located, thanks to help from our citizens.