Using A Guy You’re Dating?

Is it wrong for me to keep going out with a guy that I know I will never be serious with? He’s good looking and OK to go out with because I enjoy the attention and nice dinners out, but I know he’d like our relationship to be more.

Tee Hee…haven’t women been doing this forever? Haven’t we all gone on dates with guys we really weren’t that into (isn’t there a book by that name?) just to have a nice dinner out or see the latest movie at their expense?

Listen, the way I see it, he gets to enjoy your lovely company for the evening! Besides, I can make you a list a mile long of women I know who dated a guy FOREVER (I’m talking 5-10 years) hoping that he would marry her. Then, when she finally breaks up with him, in a matter or days, he’s bedding someone else and sometimes even getting married to the new chick?!?

I say, have your fun for a while, but don’t crush the poor guy by leading him on for too long.

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  • How will you know when it’s time to level with the guy and tell him, “I’m just not that into you”?
  • Or…If you like going out with him are you really more into him than you want to admit?
  • What are your personal standards for treating another person with decency and respect, while also respecting yourself in relationship?
Joan Jerkovich, BCC Board Certified Life Coach

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