USD 305 Spotlights Attendance

The Salina USD 305 school district is focusing on attendance, and how important regular, consistent attendance is to student success.

According to the district, being in school every day matters because school attendance influences student success.

This week, Salina Public Schools is shining a spotlight on the importance of regular, school attendance especially in these unprecedented times.

Why is attendance important? When students miss too much school, they aren’t able to stay on track with their peers. This can put them at risk academically. They also miss out on the chance to build a habit of good attendance which can be important after leaving high school.

Even as early as preschool, if students miss 10 percent or more of the school year (excused or unexcused), this results in weaker reading skills later on. But it isn’t just young children who can suffer from poor attendance.  Did you know that by 9th grade, chronic absence has become one of the leading indicators of dropping out of high school?

The good news is that academic difficulties can be reversed if attendance improves. It is the role of the community and the schools together to improve attendance and keep students on track. By building routines, relationships and working together, we can support all students in achieving regular attendance.

Students are more likely to attend school if they feel safe, connected, and supported. Teachers play a primary role in creating an engaging and supportive school climate that motivates students to attend and encourages families to stay involved in their child’s education.

Families should talk about the importance of regular school attendance and build good habits. Helping your child maintain daily routines, such as finishing homework and getting a good night’s sleep are important steps at home to improve student success. Check the Skyward app on your mobile phone regularly to stay informed on how your student is doing.

School staff at USD 305 are ready to help provide school calendars, attendance policy information and connect you to staff or community groups to help with challenges. They are committed to helping students attend today so that they can achieve tomorrow as we continue to move forward during COVID-19.