Students “Culture Crawl” Through Downtown Salina

Downtown Salina was alive Monday, with teens roaming the streets.

The first “Cultural Crawl” was held. Groups of 50 students rotates through six of  twelve available stations at various locations. Lessons were learned over curriculum areas that include arts, science, history, social studies, math and more.

There was plenty for the students to do, including hands-on activities.

Access TV taught the basics of TV reporting and production.  The Salina Art Center discussed the design, creation and naming of Salina’s newest landmark.  Friends of the River Foundation demonstrated to students how city tax allocations are used to improve the community for the benefit of Salina residents.  Lakewood Discovery Center demonstrated the importance of Kansas native plants and the roles they played in food cultivation.  Rolling Hills Zoo will taught about dichotomous key and animal identification.  Salina Downtown, Inc. helped students gain an understanding of the visual arts. The Salina Public Library helped students transform literature into abstract poetry or a story.  The Smoky Hill Museum connected youth to the 1960’s civil rights movement and the struggle for a political voice.  The Smoky Hill Audubon Society taught students how habitats shape the ecosystem in different parts of the world. Local hip-hop artists cash hollistah and South City  shares how music influences the local culture.

Along the way, the students made stops along the Salina Sculpture Tour.

Volunteers from  the Salina Area United Way and honor students from Southeast of Saline helped throughout the day. Among those volunteers were Southeast of Saline students Amanda Wingo, Tresilyn Tucker, and Grace Wyatt.

Kohl’s Cares volunteers will set up and tear down the event, and Kohl’s Cares will fund the cost of lunch prepared by Rolling Hills Zoo.  Funding for buses for the Cultural Crawl was provided by Salina Arts & Humanities.