Store Employee Resuscitates Customer

A Salina grocery store employee is being recognized for resuscitating a customer.

According to the Salina Fire Department, Assistant Manager Brandon Brown at the Dillons grocery store on Planet Avenue “went above and beyond” when a customer suffered a medical condition.

The agency says after the customer was found to be in cardiac arrest, Brown and a bystander began continuous chest compressions and called 911. The quick actions of these two individuals led to the patient being resuscitated on scene by Salina Fire & EMS.

The agency concluded this just shows the importance of early recognition of a cardiac arrest and continuous chest compressions provide the best chance for survival. They thank the bystander who assisted, and Brown for initially saving this person’s life.

Unfortunately,  the customer that was resuscitated in the store later suffered a heart attack at the hospital and could not be resuscitated a second time.

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Photo of Brandon Brown via Salina Fire Department