Salina Police Log 7-13-2015

Police are investigating an alleged theft of services case. Police say that three months of electrical service was reported stolen from a duplex at 700 N. 4th Street. A breaker box in a shed was illegally tapped into to obtain service from it. Loss is estimate at $750.

Salina Police are investigating a jewelry theft.

Police say that sometime between June 3rd and June 30th, various jewelry items, including rings and necklaces, were stolen from inside a home at 101 S. Hilldale. Among the rings stolen was a 1972 Salina South high School class ring.

Total loss is estimated at $5,100.

Police are looking for a stolen trailer. A black two-wheel 5 foot X 8 foot trailer was reported stolen from in front of a home at 2055 Corsaut Court. The trailer went missing July 12th sometime between 1:00 and 4:15 in the morning. Total loss is listed at $800.

Police are looking for a stolen laptop computer. An Asus laptop computer was reported stolen sometime between July 11th – July 12th, from inside a home at 851 Custer. Total loss is listed at $808.

Police are looking for a stolen pickup truck. A tan 1996 Ford Ranger was reported stolen while parked at a home at 1203 N. th Street sometime between June 18th – June 25th. The keys to the truck were inside an RV that was also parked at the home. Along with the keys, also taken from the RV was stereo equipment. Total loss is listed at over $3,500.

More counterfeit money has been recovered in Salina. Police say that a counterfeit $20 bill was recovered in deposits at Sunflower Bank on North Santa Fe. The bill was passed on July 9th or 10th at Crown Distributors at 606 N Ohio.

Police are investigating an alleged vehicle burglary. Sometime between July 9th and July 10th items including a stereo and an interlocking device were stolen from a pickup truck parked at 522 N 8th Street.

Vandals damage a Salina woman’s car while parked at the Central Mall. Police say that on July 10th between 2:40 and 4:00 in the afternoon the windshield and a side window were shattered on a white Nissan Altima that was parked in the Dillard’s parking lot. Total damage is listed at $500.

Thieves unsuccessfully try to steal money from a vacuum at a Salina car wash. Police say that son July 1st or July 2nd, the coin case on a vacuum at the Casey’s Car wash at 100 E Iron was pried on. The thief was not able to get to the coins, but the vacuum unit was so badly damaged it had to be replaced. Total loss is estimated at $4,000.