Salina Man Scammed

Salina Police are warning citizens about scams after another man falls prey to a caller.

Captain Mike Sweeney tells KSAL News that a man in his 70’s received a phone call from someone claiming to be from  the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes last week.

The caller asked for fees to cover his winnings and the victim told him he could not afford them – and to donate the winnings to charity.

The next day the scammers called back and convinced the man he was getting two cash advances of $1,800 and $4,900 –  and that would allow him to pay for his processing fees.

He ultimately ended up sending over $550 to the thieves before realizing it was a fraud.

Police remind citizens to research the claim or seek advice from credible sources before sending money.

Never disclose card numbers to someone you do not know.

Avoid websites or offers requesting payment via a prepaid money card..
Never use a pre-paid card to pay taxes or claim ‘winnings.’