Saints End Regular Season With Victory Over KC Soul

The Salina Saints finished the 2017 – 2018 regular season the the same way they started… With a Win.  The Saints finished the season undefeated just like last year.  The Saints spent the last half of the season mostly on the road.

KC really didn’t put up much of a fight, and despite being short handed (missing 2 starters Kaelon Gary and Tim Niles) and loosing Scottie Gardner early in the 2nd quarter for the remainder of the game with an ankle injury; the Saints still performed at a high level less turning the ball over too much.  The Saints were in control of the game from the beginning, and in the 3rd quarter they saw their lead grow to 32 points.  But the Saints, let the Soul back into the game with sloppy passes and quick shots. Salina won 125-116.

The Saints are now preparing for the tournament.  Because of their record the Saints will receive 2 byes and will only play in the final regional game to decide who will represent the region in the Final 8 Tournament in Austin Texas.  The Saints have been given the option of holding the play-in game or going to Texas to play at a neutral court.

Their will be a conference call this Wednesday to iron out the details and for the Saints to make their decision as to if they want to hold the game in Salina.  The league has made it clear that the road for this region will go through Salina, Kansas.

The Saints are strongly considering hosting the game, so that fans can see the Saints in action again.  With all of the things going on it may be necessary to hold the game at a different venue.  Either way, all Season ticket holders will be admitted free of charge.

At this point it looks like the game will be the third weekend of March.  Saints owner said that they will have to wait and see how the final games turn out after this upcoming weekend to know for sure who has made the tournament.  Once that is final; we will have a better idea as to who we will possibly play.

Fans are encouraged to go onto the Saints Face book page and let the team know if they would like the game hosted in Salina.  Business are encouraged as well.  The Saints are starting their sponsorship drive now and not waiting for the end of the year.  Please consider being a sponsor.  Contact [email protected] or the Tony’s event center for more information.