Royal Lessons—Part 1

Get a good plan.  The reason Dayton Moore was hired was because he convinced ownership he not only had a plan, but it was a good plan. #2:       Get people who buy into the plan.  Enter, among others, Ned Yost. #3:       Be prepared to stick with the plan when times are tough.  When Dayton Moore went to work he said the goal is not only to get good, but to stay good for several years.  In order to achieve long term success, Moore said it would take 7 to 10 years.  I remember him telling a group of us radio types several years back, “Nobody wants to hear that in year 4”, but he knew the plan was right, he knew it would take time and he refused to do things in the short term that would negatively affect the long range goals. There is a very short list of good lessons from the Royals Front Office.  In a few days I’ll offer some thoughts on the lessons the Royal players on the field are teaching us.]]>