Red Caped Riders

A parade of superheroes – backed by a super group of caring family, friends and professionals will gather at Coronado Elementary School for a bike ride to celebrate freedom.

The freedom of mobility for people with disabilities comes from specially designed bikes known as Amtrykes.

“They are specially designed for children and adults with disabilities,” said Kristina Litchman with the Noon Network Ambucs of Salina Club. Litchman joined in on the KSAL Morning News with a preview of a parade scheduled for Tuesday, May 17th.

“My son is paralyzed from the belly button down, so he is not able to ride a traditional bike like most of his peers,” Litchman said.

“An Amtryke allows him to actually peddle using his hands.”

Marilyn Stone with Salina Ambucs told listeners that the local organization has given away over 19 Amtrykes in just the last 12-months and about 150 in the last six years.

“Our chapter specifically raises funds to purchase these Amtrykes for children in the county wide area,” Stone said.

The Superhero Parade will wind around the asphalt path at Coronado Elementary School’s playground as riders wear red capes provided by Ambucs as well.

Donations are welcome at the Free BBQ at 5pm. Lawn chairs are encouraged for the Parade at 6pm.