Rain Showers Inside SCT

Smells like rain inside the Salina Community Theatre this week as cast and crew members continue to put the finishing touches on a show that promises to deliver on the iconic soaking wet scene from, “Singin’ In The Rain.”

“If you get in the front row you may need to wear a raincoat,” said Vickee Spicer, Director of the musical comedy.

“I think the orchestra isĀ  already planning on having umbrellas and rain hats for that scene.”

Spicer joined in on the KSAL Morning News Thursday with a behind the scenes look at the show set to open on June 10th.

The lighthearted love story is set in Hollywood as silent pictures are giving way to “talkies,” in the 1920’s.

Spicer says the dancing number Gene Kelly made famous in the film from 1952, led to some technical challenges that Scenic Designer/Technical Director J.R. Lidgett solved with relative ease, “I said make it rain, and he makes it rain,” she said.

Spicer credits the entire cast and crew for going the extra mile to make her job as the director a smooth ride, “That’s the key – just surround yourself with as much talent as possible and you come out smelling like a rose.”

“Singin’ In The Rain” splashes onto the stage at Salina Community Theatre Friday, June 10th and plays eleven times through Sunday, June 26th.