Public Embraces Salina Animal Shelter

The public has responded to a call for help from the Salina Animal Shelter, following a seizure last week of a large amount of animals.

Police officers and animal control officers, acting on a tip, discovered numerous prohibited animals inside a home at 1131 Prospect. Three full grown pot bellied pigs, four dogs, over fifteen cats, and cages of rats and birds were found living inside the home, in unsanitary conditions. Among other things there was a strong ammonia smell in the house, and feces on the floor. Some of the animals also were not being properly fed and watered.

Most of the animals were confiscated, and taken to the Salina Animal Shelter. The facility was already at capacity at the time.

Animal Services Manager Vanessa Cowie issued a call for help. The goal was to get some quick adoptions to help make space available. She was also asking for donations of bags of cat litter, and cans of cat food.

Cowie told KSAL News Tuesday morning that she, and her staff, have been inspired by the response. She says that over 1,600 pounds of cat litter and over 450 cans of cat food have been donated, which is about a three month supply. A large amount of blankets, and toys, have also been donated.

In addition to the supplies there have be 14 cat adoptions, and several other facilities have also taken some cats to help reduce the burden.

Cowie says that over $3,500 in monetary donations have been also been received.

Cowie says that more donations have been flowing in from all over the area, from as far away as Wichita. She adds that more can still be used.

Some who have donated have inquired about volunteering at the shelter. Cowie says that they are always in need of volunteers, and foster families.

Volunteers are free to help anytime the shelter is open, and can do any task they desire. Everything from walking and caring for the animals, to doing laundry and cleaning cages. Foster families are needed to temporarily care for animals in their homes.

Anyone interested in donating, becoming a volunteer, or a foster family, is urged to contact the Salina Animal Shelter.


shelter donations 01

A large amount of blankets, and toys, have also been donated.


shelter donations 02

A portion of the 1,600 pounds of cat litter that have been donated.

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