Travis James Leiker

Travis James Leiker, the adventurous soul with an indomitable spirit, passed away Sunday, May 14, 2023. He was a vibrant force in the lives of those who knew him, full of mischief and a twinkle in his eye. At the young age 40, Travis had become a master storyteller, a skilled craftsman and an adrenaline aficionado who approached life with zest.

Travis had an uncanny knack for collecting friends wherever he went. He effortlessly welcomed everyone into his world, creating a tapestry of friendships that spanned far and wide.

As a carpenter, Travis dedicated most of his adult life to honing his craft. He leaves behind a legacy of beautiful structures that will stand as a testament to his skill and passion.

Travis was most known as a daredevil. Pursuing adrenaline-fueled excitement was at his core, with numerous scars and injuries serving as evidence to his countless attempted BMX stunts. Travis wore these scars with pride, each one serving as a testament to a life lived to the fullest.

Survived by his dedicated mother, Deb Leiker, devoted father, Tom Cornwell, and loving aunt, Richelle Leiker, Travis leaves behind several family and friends who will forever hold him close to their hearts.

Notably, Travis made the altruistic decision to be an organ donor. This final act of selflessness will grant over 100 individuals the extraordinary gift of life.

Travis Leiker. A man whose vibrant spirit and larger-than-life presence will be deeply missed. As we bid farewell to our fearless adventurer, let us celebrate his life with joy and gratitude, cherishing the memories that will forever keep his spirit alive.

A memorial service for Travis will be held at Ryan Mortuary in Salina at 11am, Saturday, May 27. In lieu of flowers, the family requests charitable donations to Friends of the Salina Animal Shelter.

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