New Emergency Radio System Launches

After years of planning and collaboration, the new county-wide emergency radio system will launch this week. The new radio system goes online on Tuesday at 9am.

Officials say the new digital 800-megahertz P25 radio system replaces the previously used analog UHF system that has been used for over two decades.  The system, which cost $7.7 million, allows emergency responders to communicate with each other and surrounding public safety agencies, including State agencies.  Our previous system does not allow this communication directly between agencies. 

 In addition, this upgrade puts us in compliance with federal guidelines that require all of public safety to be in compliance with Project 25 (P25).  P25 is an interoperable digital two-way mobile radio systems communications created specifically for public safety professionals.

This new radio system will service the following public safety agencies:

  • Salina Police Department
  • Salina Fire Department
  • Saline County Sheriff’s Department
  • All Rural Fire Districts
  • Other City and County Entities

The City of Salina and Saline County both signed contracts with Motorola Solutions, Inc. in September of 2020.  Due to some existing infrastructure that supported radio coverage, Motorola was able to fast-track the project to allow for the City and County to migrate to the new system in less than 9 months.  There are still two other tower sites that will need to be built, increasing the radio coverage to 95.5% county-wide.  Full system build out is anticipated to be complete by the summer of 2022.

“We are very pleased to see this project come to fruition.  The collaboration between all the public safety entities in Saline County has been fantastic.  We are very thankful for the support we received for this project.”  Salina Police Chief Brad L. Nelson

 “As a regional response team for both hazardous material emergencies as well as technical rescue operations for the State of Kansas, the Salina Fire Department will now have capabilities to communicate with other emergency organizations across the state but also if SFD resources are ever requested and deployed out of state.”  Salina Fire Chief Kevin Royse

 “This modern radio system will enhance communications for all first responders in Saline County resulting in a safer community.”  Saline County Sheriff Roger Soldan