National Adoption Month

Over 397,000 children are waiting to be adopted in the United States, 42 of that number are kids in Saline County.

Pastor Jeff Piepho with Revolution Church in Salina joined in on the KSAL News Monday with an inside look at foster homes and adoption.

“You’re hearing this and you’re thinking I can’t really make a difference. If just a small portion of the people listening to this thought about it, and small portion of them actually went ahead and adopted – we would wipe out orphans in Saline County,” Piepho said.

“You don’t have to adopt to be in this battle either,” Piepho added.

“You can bless those who do care for foster kids or orphans by mowing the lawn, taking them meals or just by babysitting so they can have a date night,” he said.

Piepho, who over the years has had the experience of hosting over fifty foster children in his home, says there are great resources in Salina to begin the process of reaching out to children in need. and are two places to begin the journey in Saline County.

Online at also has information on the need around the nation, plus a list of Kansas children who need a family.

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