Museum Black History Month Driving Tour

February is Black History Month and the Smoky Hill Museum is celebrating with the launch of a new Driving Tour.

According to the museum, the tour is available at the Smoky Hill Museum and via the Museum’s website at Just click on the Black History Driving Tour link at the top of the page.

Since Salina was founded in 1858, every person who’s lived in or passed through the Salina area has played a part in our story. A story of struggle, leadership, resilience and growth.

This Driving Tour focuses on stories from the Black community. The tour includes Dana Adams, Amelia Ann Tapscott-Allen, Robert Caldwell, and Adrianna Franch, to name a few. There are so many more that could be included.

The museum invites everyone to join them as they strive to learn more, meet more incredible people, see history on the streets of Salina, and be a part of the growing story.