Library Features Work of Weaver

Artist Bill Weaver is currently exhibiting his work in Salina Public Library’s Gallery 708.

According to the Library, the exhibit “We Are Not Alone” will be on display until Aug. 29. The gallery is open during library hours.

The show features 15 mixed media pieces of insects and other lifeforms. Weaver acknowledges that while people often find insects to be disgusting, he loves them. “Insects, like the deepest of sea creatures, do not appear to be from this Earth,” Weaver says.

Weaver credits his passion for art to his mother and was inspired to explore pointillism in college while taking a class taught by local artist Harley Elliot. Weaver says he is “amazed that one tiny dot times a thousand can form matter, cause shadows and add depth to a 2D canvas.” Earlier this year, Weaver was selected as a winning artist in Salina Presbyterian Manor’s Art is Ageless competition. His piece “What Choo Lookn At” won the mixed media/crafts amateur category and is part of the show in Gallery 708.

For information on the library’s gallery, contact Assistant Director Amy Adams at 785-825-4624, ext. 241, or email [email protected].