Lawsuit Alleges Problems With Medicaid in Kansas Ends

A former executive of the firm managing part of the privatized Medicaid program in Kansas is ending a lawsuit alleging she was fired after protesting potentially improper cost cutting moves.

A one-sentence stipulation filed Tuesday in federal court notes former Sunflower Vice President Jacqueline Leary and defendants Sunflower State Health Plan Inc., its parent Centene Corporation¬† and others have agreed to dismiss the case.¬† Each pays its own costs and attorneys’ fees.

The lawsuit alleged Sunflower stopped assigning Medicaid participants to doctors working for health care providers who were paid a higher-than-standard rate.

The companies disputed that, filing counter claims alleging Leary tried to extort money from them.

Medicaid covers health services for the poor and disabled. Kansas has turned its administration over to Sunflower and two other private companies.