KWU Debaters Continue to Excel

KWU Debate and Forensics continued to excel at four virtual tournaments conducted in February. The team took second place at Cameron University’s Sweetheart Swing and the Missouri Association of Forensics Activities championship tournament (Feb. 12-13).

On Feb. 4-5, Savannah Bonilla (Salina, Kan.) and Abby Wray (Wichita, Kan.) competed in parliamentary debate at the 2022 Gaske Memorial Tournament, hosted by San Diego State University. At the same time, KWU hosted a tournament against Cameron, in which a handful of KWU team members participated.

A full capsule of individual results can be viewed below.

 Cameron University’s Sweetheart Swing:

  • First Place, Extemporaneous Speaking: Bryce Boyd (Oklahoma City, Okla.)
  • Second Place, Dramatic Interpretation: Elizabeth Schaefer (Lyons, Kan.)
  • Second Place, Duo: Madeline Norrell (Chandler, Okla.) and Boyd
  • Third Place, Extemporaneous Speaking: Bonilla
  • Third Place, Duo: Wray and Schaefer
  • Fourth Place, Informative Speaking: Boyd
  • Fifth Place: Schaefer
  • Second Place: Team Sweepstakes

 Missouri Association of Forensics Activities Championship Tournament:

  • First Place, Parliamentary Debate: Bonilla and Wray
  • First Place, Extemporaneous Speaking: Bonilla
  • Second Place, Extemporaneous Speaking: Wray
  • Second Place, Prose: Schaefer
  • Fourth Place, Program of Oral Interpretation: Wray
  • Fourth Place, Duo, Schaefer and Wray
  • Sixth Place, Parliamentary Debate Speaker: Wray
  • Second Place: Team Sweepstakes


2022 Gaske Memorial Tournament

  • Fifth Place, Parliamentary Debate: Bonilla
  • Eighth Place, Parliamentary Debate: Wray


KWU versus Cameron University

  • First Place, Duo: Boyd and Norrell
  • First Place, Impromptu Speaking: Boyd
  • Second Place, Extemporaneous Speaking: Boyd
  • Third Place, Informative Speaking: Boyd
  • Fifth Place, Prose: Norrell
  • Sixth Place, Extemporaneous Speaking: Hunter Pane (Burke, Va.)