KSU Poly Students Earn Awards

The Wildcat Pride Awards are given to students who display attributes of community service, determination and dedication. Kansas State Polytechnic also presents an award for Most Inspirational student. Also presented were the Outstanding Academic Student Award and Expository Writing Awards.

Jadyn Cress, sophomore, chemistry, Berryton, Outstanding Academic Student Award; Ethan Hamel, senior, UAS flight and operations, Damar; Outstanding Academic Student Award; Cielo Lubaton, sophomore, applied business and technology, Fort Riley, Outstanding Academic Student Award; Jonathan Wissing, junior, Hutchinson, Expository Writing Award; Raphael Gutierrez, senior, UAS design and integration, Junction City, Outstanding Academic Student Award; Taylor Pearson, junior, aviation maintenance management, Manhattan, Outstanding Academic Student Award; Nathan Whoolery, sophomore, web development technology, Manhattan, Outstanding Academic Student Award.

Jack Thomlison, senior in professional pilot, Overland Park, is the recipient of the Wildcat Pride Award for Dedication, which recognizes a student who goes above and beyond normal duties and is committed to a particular course of thought or action. Thomlison’s nominator says he has demonstrated leadership, dedication and selfless service for the university, as well as a positive attitude toward encouraging fellow students in their studies. He has been a great example to other students through his own dedication to flight training and is always willing to discuss operations and his experience on campus with prospective students.

Marcello Dodd-Holliday, freshman in robotics and automation, Salina, is the recipient of the award for Most Inspirational student. This award honors a student who inspires others to achieve the highest level at which they are capable and epitomizes the qualities of determination, dedication and service. This student must also maintain a GPA of 2.5 or above. Marcello’s nominator calls him an exceptional person and hard-working, incredible student who has been thrown a lot of curveballs but always maintains a positive attitude. Dodd-Holliday is a first-generation, nontraditional student and wants to be an example to his children about the importance of education.

Maritza “ChaChi” Rodriguez, senior in social work, Salina, is the recipient of the Wildcat Pride Award for Community Service. This award recognizes a student who understands the civic responsibility to help serve the local community and demonstrates involvement in the community. Her nominator has been impressed with her civic drive and knew she was destined to become a social worker the first time they met. Rodriguez has found ways to consistently incorporate what she’s learning in the classroom into projects she could initiate or be involved in the community. Among many other efforts, she has organized a faculty and student panel on diversity, represented her peers in student government, served on the Salina County Community Relations Board, and worked with the Salina City Relations Office to coordinate a book read and discussion for the community and campus.

Students from Salina also receiving awards: Shea Clark, junior, digital media technology, Expository Writing Award; Leslie Duenas-Galvan, senior, social work, Outstanding Academic Student Award; Terrill Leaton, senior, computer systems technology, Outstanding Academic Student Award; Morgan Perez, senior, digital media technology, Outstanding Academic Student Award; Leo Ramirez, senior, electronic and computer engineering technology, Outstanding Academic Student Award; Levi Unruh, senior, professional pilot, Outstanding Academic Student Award; and Bryan Weikle, senior, applied business, Outstanding Academic Student Award.

Logan Ragsdale, junior, Tonganoxie, Outstanding Student Employee of the Year.

Jazstyn Moyer, senior in airport management, Ulysses, was selected for the Outstanding Academic Student Award and the Wildcat Pride Award for Determination. The Wildcat Pride Award is presented to a student who shows a quality of firmness in beliefs and actions, doesn’t quit until an answer or decision is reached, and pursues life by focusing on achieving a goal with passion. She was nominated by her supervisor at the Student Life Center who calls her the most self-motivated person he’s ever worked with throughout his time in higher education at various institutions. Moyer is a person that sees the entire picture and is able to keep projects – and everyone involved with them – in smooth operating order. Because of her determination and grit, she received two full-time job offers prior to graduation. Her nominator hopes that every student on campus can learn from Moyer’s example of determination.

Alex Reichart, senior, robotics and automation engineering technology, Valley Falls, Outstanding Academic Student Award; Jacob Worm, senior, mechanical engineering technology, Wichita, Outstanding Academic Student Award.

From out of state: Brin Brody, sophomore, aeronautical technology, Edgewater, New Jersey, Expository Writing Award.