“Hurts” So Good

Hundreds of pastry lovers lined up in Salina early Thursday morning to get a taste of the hottest new donut craze, Hurts donuts.

Hurts Donut is a business that specializes in specialty donuts. The company has locations in Wichita, Springfield, Missouri, and Norman, Oklahoma. Each store has become wildly popular since opening.

The Hurts Donut brightly colored “Emergency Donut Vehicle” rolled into Salina bright and early Thursday morning, and set up shop on North 7th Street. A long line of donut lovers patiently waited in line to get a taste.

Hurts told KSAL News at the scene that those in line had pre-ordered their donuts, online. Over 200 dozen were pre-ordered.

A portion of the proceeds from each dozen sold will be donated to a local non-profit organization. The organization will be selected via on-line comments from those who ordered the donuts.

With its wild popularity, Hurts Donut is rapidly expanding. Based on the response Thursday morning, a Salina location would be welcomed by many.


hurts donut 03                                   hurts donut 02