Hottest June Ever

A new report confirms what millions of people just suffered through. Last month was the hottest June ever in North America. The average temperatures were slightly higher than in June of 2012, which held the previous record.

The worst heat was in the Pacific Northwest, where record heat in Oregon, Washington and Canada caused hundreds of people to die. Portland and Seattle saw temps 30 to 40 degrees above average.

According to the National Weather Service, in Salina the average monthly temperature of 78.7 degrees was 2.5 degrees warmer than a typical June. The warmest temperature was 106 degrees on the 17th and 18th, and the coolest was 54 degrees on the 3rd.

Monthly rainfall totaled only 1.01 inches, which was 2.74 inches drier than a typical June. It tied for the 6th driest June since records began in 1900, and it was the driest since 2016. The highest 24-hour rainfall was 0.86 inches on the 25th.