Fourth Salina Skimmer Victim

Another Sunflower Bank customer contacts police after discovering her account information was compromised at a Salina ATM.

Detective Jim Feldman tells KSAL News that a fourth victim from rural Salina claims skimmer thieves used her debit card data to steal from her bank account. Police say Cleo Denning’s stolen bank card information was used to withdraw cash at ATMs in Texas and Mississippi for a total of $606.

The case ties back to July 9th when Salina Police first learned about two suspected skimmer devices being used at drive up ATMs at two Sunflower Bank locations in Salina; one at 2450 S. 9th and one at 2070 S. Ohio.

A skimmer is a device used to steal personal information. A thief attaches it to an ATM. The bank customer’s card slides through the skimmer first – then into the machine. A chip inside the skimmer device records information about the account without the knowledge of the customer.