Four More and Eleven Bills Ago

Four more counterfeit bills have surfaced in Salina businesses.

A counterfeit $20 bill was found in a deposit at Dillon’s at 1201 West Crawford on Monday. Two counterfeit $100 bills were discovered by Rod’s at 2140 West Crawford, one was found at Sunflower Bank in a Casey’s General Store (500 North Ohio) deposit, and one was found at Kwik Shop at 305 West Schilling.

The bills are not difficult to differentiate from real bills. They are smaller than a regular bill by about a 1/2 inch, the print is small, and the coloring is much darker. Salina Police Department Captain Mike Sweeney continues to urge business owners to educate their employees on the distinguishing features of the bill. Color changing numbers and bars on the bill are the strongest indicators, but size and color should also be checked.

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