Five Fleeing Shoplifters Caught

Five people from Wichita are arrested in Harvey County after allegedly fleeing with stolen items from Salina.

Police say that five people went into the Dillards at the Central Mall Tuesday evening are 8:45. All five allegedly filled their arms with children’s and adult clothing, and were getting ready to leave the store without paying. They dropped the clothes and left the store when confronted by employees.

Police say that a short time later three of the people returned, picked up the clothes they had abandoned, and fled the store. They pushed an employee out of the way as they left, and fled in a maroon car. Employees were able to get a license number, and provided it to police.

The car was pulled over a short time later, in Harvey County. The stolen clothes from Dillards were recovered, as were other items believed to be stolen from other stores that include unopened baby formula and toys. All five people, who were taken into custody, are from Wichita.