CSI at BC Wraps Up

The Bethany College Criminal Justice Department conducted their third annual Crime Scene Investigation Summer Camp. The camp is designed to engage high school students with an interest in the field of criminal justice and expose them to a variety of CSI – related topics.

This year the camp focused on ethics, report writing, chain of custody, fingerprinting, and blood spatter analysis. Students conducted a variety of hands-on exercises to practice identifying and preserving latent fingerprints.

They also practiced “stringing”, a technique used to identify the origin of a projectile or a fluid. The camp involved students from across the central region of Kansas, ranging from Stockton to Salina to Hillsboro.

Photos courtesy Bethany College


The faculty of the camp included Professors Rande Repp, Laura Hultquist, and Jessica Patterson. The Bethany Criminal Justice Department will be hosting a similar event on campus this fall, and another summer camp during the summer of 2023. Contact the Bethany College Admissions Office for more information on upcoming events.